Welcome aboard the newest hotel in Danube's Delta,
the Sitarul Floating Hotel!

Are you looking for accommodation in a Danube's Delta hotel? A floating hotel is the most brilliant choice!

A few days of relaxation at a Danube's Delta hotel are the ideal vacation for those in love with nature. However, the Danube's Delta is 75% WATER. That is why a floating hotel is the best idea for spending a brief holiday.

The ADVANTAGES of spending a vacation aboard a floating hotel are:

  1. by comparison to a regular Delta hotel, a floating hotel offers a real closeness to nature: the spectacular view of the Danube's Delta from the window of your own room.
  2. the Sitarul Floating Hotel offers the comfort of a 4-star vacation and the joy of an adventure in the middle of the water wilderness: the discreet sound of waves and the floating sensation will make your sleep must more relaxing.
  3. an accommodation in Danube's Delta in a floating hotel is ecological: the dry surface is less than a quarter of the Danube's Delta and a floating hotel, unlike a regular Delta hotel, leaves no traces on the ground. Thus, the islets and sand hills will remain in the ideal habitat for the variety of plants and animals making up the Delta's biodiversity.
  4. from a floating hotel, one can make trips to the Delta much easier. The Sitarul Floating Hotel has boats available for trips on channels and lakes that can be accessed difficultly, or just short boat strolls.

The Sitarul Floating Hotel offers its guests:

  • accommodation in the Delta on the water, in rooms with 4-star comfort;
  • restaurant with fish menu, specific to the Danube's Delta, but also traditional Romanian dishes;
  • affordable prices given the flexibility of offers, according to your preferences;
  • trips in Delta at hand: boat strolls, fishing in the Delta, Delta-specific trips;

Our team will organize all details of a perfect vacation at a hotel located in the Delta. Thus, you will be able to relax in the midst of nature because in the Danube's Delta you will feel like in another world!

Upon request, we organize the following:

  • fishing and hunting trips and competitions
  • trips in the Danube's Delta
  • fast boats transfer in Danube's Delta
  • persons transfer in Danube's Delta


After renting the floating hotel fully two times, the third is half the price.

After renting the floating hotel fully three times, the forth is free (depending on its availability).

The two offers are valid during the same year but cannot be cumulated.

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